What is "Wurf Games"

Wurf Games is a private World of Warcraft server with 3.3.5a patch. The server have one custom realm with dynamic xp and lots of custom items, quests, achievements, titles and zones, custom modules like, Solo Dungeon Finder, 1v1 Arena, Crossfaction Battleground, Anticheat, Transmog, Enchanter, Pocket Portal, Reward System, Double XP in Weekends, and Dynamic XP. Beside all of these modules we also have two big features, Hero System and Parangon Level.

The server is made based on the players desires. This means if a player have an idea of an item, set, mount or anything else, we will consider it and if the idea does not effect the server balance it will be implemented, in case it affect the server balance we will discuss and make it to fit the server balance. Due to this we have a test realm where anyone can join as GM and test whatever they want.


  • Dynamic XP Experience

  • 25x Drop

  • 1x Money

  • 20x Honor

  • 50x Reputation


  • Transmogrification is available

  • Dungeon Finder is available

  • Most spells and talents are working

  • Arenas & BG's fully working

  • DK starting zone is working

  • All Dungeons and Raids are available and scripted

  • Most Vehicles, Quests and World events are working

  • 1 vs 1 Arena is available

  • Premium (Morph, Demorph, Summon Vendors, Portable Mail, Bank, AH, Commands - Restore HP & Mana (Out of Combat), Repair Items, Remove Ress Sickness, Rest Talents)

  • AH Bot is available

  • 1 vs 1 Arena is available

  • Premium Reputation

  • AH Bot Reputation

  • Custom NPC (Teleport, Transmog, Enchant, Gambler, BeastMaster)

  • Custom Sets (Wurf, Archridium, Palladium, Domination, Fatal, LichKing, Outrageous)

  • Custom Tokens (Archridium Token, Palladium Token, Domination Token, LichKing Token, Outrageous Token)

  • Custom Zones (Forbidden Island - Drops Domination Tokens)

  • Custom Mall (The Forbidding Sea)

  • Custom Drop (Icecrown Citadel - Wurf Set)

  • Custom Quests (Path of Power - Questline, Doomsday - Questline, Icecrown Citadel - Daily Quests)

  • VIP System (Buffs, Revive, Repair, Talents, World Chat, VIP Points, VIP Stone, VIP Level)

Parangon Level

Inspired by Diablo 3, Parangon level is a system that boost characters by giving to the players points that can be used in the main stats like Strenght, Agility, Stamina and Intellect.

  • Available: Parangon is unlocked at level 80

  • Increase Level: Kill creatures with level 79 or higher including boss (25xp for each creature/boss killed) from raids and by killing other players (50xp for each player killed) in Open World

  • Max Parangon Level: 255

  • Level Up: Get 2 points for each level. These points can be added in any main stats (Strenght, Agility, Stamina and Intellect)

  • Add points: Points can be added by typing .commands in chat

  • Rewards: Players are rewarded for each of these levels once reached

    • Level 50: Celestial Steed

    • Level 100: 3x LichKing Token

    • Level 150: 6x LichKing Token

    • Level 200: 12x LichKing Token

    • Level 255: 24x LichKing Token

    • Note Full Normal Donation items (Set + Off Set + Accessories + Trinkets + Weapons) cost 27x Lich King Tokens!

      Note Full Heroic Donation items (Set + Off Set + Accessories + Trinkets + Weapons) cost 35x Lich King Tokens!

Hero System

This system helps players to become stronger in early and late game.

  • Available: All accounts start with Hero level 1

  • Points: Get points from Dungeon Finder and Ulduar. Higher hero levels gives more hero points

  • PvP: Steal other player's points by killing them. Higher hero levels gives / lose more hero points when the player is killed

  • Commands: Players can use custom commands like "vcommands"

    • #chat on/off: Join World Channel

    • #buff: Buffs the character. More buffs if the character have higher hero level or is in a guild or having in inventory the Hero Stone item. Higher Hero Level + Guild + Hero Stone gives all available buffs.

    • #repair: Repair equipped items

    • #life: Revive the character when is dead. The command must be used in guild chat "/guild #life"

    • #reset: Reset Talent

    Note During PVP there is a small chance you can copy items from defeated player no one loses their items.